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Reasons to work with us

            Here are five reasons to get in touch with Office Park!

1.  Be part of something bigger

Every business deserves its success. Office Park`s concept was born from the idea of prosperity and making it easier for you to develop your business in Cluj-Napoca. Our location embraces the future with its technology, and we provide smart services, so you don't have to worry about anything else but your success.

2. Time is money! Don't waste both of them!

How many times have you heard this phrase?

Well, at Office Park, we appreciate your time, and we are trying to make everything possible for you to have „all under the same roof”:

From quality coffee to beer and prosecco; from furnished offices to conference rooms featured with the latest equipment, all seasoned in a chic/vintage building.

Our vision is compatible with the future: We want to make your time easier,  your breaks more pleasant, and business meetings more productive,

Furthermore, with us, you can cut your administrative costs and let us take care of all your office needs. And you get all of this under the same invoice.

3. Full house building!

Office equipment: including printers, the tech needed for virtual meetings, etc. are typically provided.

Office maintenance: no need to concerned about cleaning, repairs, etc.. we got you covered

Internet & secured network: expect up-to-date technology that makes it fast and easy to securely connect to the web

24/7 on-premise security

Fully staffed reception

Office furniture

Kitchen drinks & snacks

Meeting rooms (pay only when you need the space)

+ and many more

4. Make plans with us. This is our vision:

Our mission is to build long-term relationships and friendships. In time we want to gather the largest community of people from all the fields of activity in Cluj-Napoca, so at Office Park they can easily come to exchange ideas of work and business, to create, interact and develop under a creative roof.

Also, what will mean creativity without some fun? We strongly believe that not everything it's about work, so in order to be productive and keep your team motivated and innovative, we want to provide social events for them: parties (with good music, wine, beer, and prosecco), social and network events, movie evenings (with popcorn and beers), Beer Pong&Boared games, wine tasting and many more.

We believe in long-term relationships and friendships.

5. Great Location

Located near Cluj Arena, BT Arena, Central Park, and Radisson Blu, Office Park meets your needs for all types of future clients. We provide parking lots for your guest and many other amenities.

We can't wait for you to pay us a visit and see it for yourself!


Office Park

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