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Probably the best location for a Hub in Cluj-Napoca

Office Park was born about four months ago, when we took over the baton from our former clients Silicon Forest.

We fell in love with their business method that they applied for four years, so we made a commitment to carry forward the HUB concept, which today hosts 15 companies with shareholders from several countries around the world .

We learn every day from our customers and try to constantly bring improvements in our wonderful building on Deva Street, 1-7, in Cluj-Napoca.

Why do we think we are located in an ideal area?

Well, it is not hard to believe that the new name of this HUB was inspired by the green area near the location. The fact that we are neighbors with the Central Park helps us to place ourselves in the leading positions on the market. The benefits we offer inside the building are perfectly complemented by the advantages of the location, and here we refer to the fact that we are neighbors with BT Arena (the multipurpose hall of the municipality) and Cluj Arena (the prestigious stadium in the heart of Transylvania). Recently, the professionals from Radisson Blu appeared in the area and we are grateful to them for bringing prosperity to the area through accommodation facilities addressed especially to business people.

We are also safe from traffic thanks to the two XXL parking lots in the area, but we have also kept some of our own parking spaces for the direct clients of Office Park.

The best reviews we have received from clients are related to the atmosphere in the building, but especially to the fact that we are close to the central area and yet free from congestion, with access to most transport lines.

But don't take our word for it. Office Park invites you to a coffee in our Hub, in the hope that the visit will convince you of the benefits of becoming our client.

I can't wait to meet you,

Mihaela Trif


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