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2022 in a nutshell: From a fully remote team to a hybrid and flexible working schedule

Our dearest Cristina Vinti wrote a journal page about her experience at @OfficePark:

"Remote work became a standard during the pandemic, and it was a thing even before 2020. But for how long can a team be fully satisfied and united without seeing each other in person?

This was the question we had at the beginning of 2022, before realizing that face-to-face workshops and team events are a must for a strong company culture. The problem was that a part of our team was not Cluj based, so we didn’t need something permanent – all we needed was flexibility. And naturally, flexibility is offered by hubs and coworking spaces. So even though there are lots of this type of businesses and other modern office buildings in Cluj, very few of them tick all the boxes we were looking for a central location, parking, great prices, cozy and clean spaces, aesthetic halls for team events, amazing coffee, and amazing people. But Office Park did.

Choosing Office Park as an office for AppNiv was the best decision, since they were able to offer the flexibility and stability we needed for our half-remote, half-hybrid team. Ever since the beginning of our collaboration we had their full support for every workshop, technical session and party that we held, as they have the best people in charge of the building administration. Besides this, what’s better than hearing your clients and partners compliment your company’s office after a successful event? Or saying what a nice walk they had in the morning on their way to the office? This is because Office Park is close to the biggest park in the city and also to many hotels, like Raddison Blu, Grand Hotel Napoca, Belvedere, Platinia, which makes our job so much easier when preparing for a client workshop.

We’re also glad to meet new people while having our coffee and lunch breaks, as the building is a “home” to many other great companies as well. Office days are no longer a burden since working at the Office Park!", said Cristina in her review.

We are so please to know that our clients offten feel our Hub as a second home xD.

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